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Updated: 5/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Fraser Island is the largest island in the world. You cn visit and swim at the beaches there are, visit the ponds where you can swim, and visit the forest and swim in areas of water there as well.
  • This is Phillip Island and there is a favorite place to go and there you can surf because it is a great sport for surfing.
  • Kangaroo Island has a lot of wildlife on it and and national park you can even go for a recemended 2 or 3 day tour.
  • This is Hamilton Island and here it is luxary where you get an infinity pool, golf, and even cocktails
  • Bruny Island is a island that has a long trail that you can visit and walk and there are animals such as seals or panguins.
  • Green Island is by the Great Barrier Reef which you can visit and a tour you can go on and it is cool because you can go snorkeling.