RTE Poison
Updated: 12/17/2020
RTE Poison

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  • Okay. I'll get you a snack from inside.
  • This fertilizer will help the plants develope!
  • I'm hungry.
  • Oooh! I'll just take some from the garden.
  • 15 minutes pass...
  • I don't feel good. My stomach hurts and my hands are itchy. I feel dizzy.
  • What did you do?!
  • I ate the plants because I was hungry.
  • I shouldn't have left you outside on your own!
  • Well I know you're not allergic to the fertilizer so there is no anaphylaxis potential but you still need medical attention.
  • I must call the Poison Control Center
  • Hello! My son has ingested Miracle-Gro fertilizer. I left him alone in the garden about 15 minutes ago. He said he only ate a little.
  • "Hello. You should wash the areas on his body that came into contact with the fertilizer."
  • "I recommend that you give him milk or water to drink for the fertilizer he ingested."
  • "If his condition gets worse, then go to the hospital."
  • I am so sorry for leaving you outside alone. I know not to do that now. Next time we will have to wear gloves to protect our skin and take it away from you.
  • I'm sorry too. I'm feeling better and I won't get into it anymore!
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