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Updated: 12/17/2019
confucuis project
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  • This is Confucius, he was born around 551-479 BC and he had one of the most powerful golden rules which was to do to others want you want to be done to you.
  • Confucius would practice this many times and he would practice this to teach kids to respect there elders and just to teach people to be kind and to just respect the people around you.
  • He would also right lots of things about himself in the books that he had. He usually also focused on one of the things called ren which is basically loving others
  • he had many many rules, some of the rules included being loving, respectful, and just being kind to others because if you dont want something bad to happen to you dont do something bad to someone
  • sadly he died on November 21, 479 BC during one of the biggest wars. He was always remembered and was never forgotten
  • He influenced many people thought chine, japan, Korea and Vietnam. These influences really helped them and it helped there community become bigger and nicer now!
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