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Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • After Leisel's little brother's death and his brother being burry while being transported to their foster home, Leisel finds a book from a gravedigger that left it, and after this Leisel wanted to know what are books used for
  • After Leisel arriving to his forest home with her new parents Hans and Rosa, Leisel feels she doesn't belong here
  • Leisel had trouble sleeping because she was being haunted by the memory of his brother's death, afterwards, Hans starts spending time with her until she falls asleep forming a special bond and helping Leisel how to read
  • Leisel starts to get used to her new life and starts to hang out with people and learning new skills, then Leisel meets the mayor and his wife, and his wife allows Leisel to take some books, so she can read
  • Max arrives to the Hubermann's house seeking for shelter due to the start of World War II, Max is the son of a father that served the military and protected Han's and after Max's father death, Hans told Max's mother that he would take care of Max when needed, during this time Hans and Rosa didn't had a lot of work due to the war
  • Leisel starts stealing books from the mayor's house because due to the lack of work of Hans and Rosa, life wasn't the same and she felt furious because the mayor's wife stop giving books to Leisel