What's the different with / without saving planning?
Updated: 1/28/2021
What's the different with / without saving planning?

Storyboard Text

  • John & Simon lost their job at the same time
  • hmm.. It's ok. Just have a short break before get a new job!
  • OMGoshhh... what can I do now? Where can I get a new job? What should I do now?
  • John having a short break
  • hmm.. let's get in touch with Simon one day
  • Simon worried & searching new job
  • haiz.. which job can I apply?There are monthly loans and expenses I need to pay
  • Oh.. I own my financial planning before, so that I still can support my daily life for this moment
  • Hi Simon, long time no see.How are you nowadays?
  • Hi John, long time no see. Not really, I'm still finding a new job to support my financial.I'm curious why you look so calm?
  • What you mean for "Financial Planning"? Like save in the bank?
  • Actually it's just like you save money in bank BUT the different is there are BONUS for you
  • No no no...NOT bank, It's a plan!Just find one day meet my agent for more info?
  • BONUS? Never heard that save money in bank will get bonus.. which bank you using?
  • Ohh.. ok sure.
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