Computer Parts
Updated: 11/30/2020
Computer Parts

Storyboard Text

  • Google
  • keyboard which has special keys you use to type words and symbols, mouse which is the device that controls the pointer on the screen, scanner which is used to scan things to be processed b the computer, and the microphone which listens to what you say to record it
  • The monitor which is the screen of the computer and the speaker which produce sounds by the computer that have been processed.
  • Grace was researching about the parts of the computer, and how the computer works.
  • Input devices are the devices used to enter information into the computer, and output devices are the devises used to see what the computer has processed.
  • She found out that the keyboard, mouse, scanner, and the microphone are input devices
  • Processing is what happens when information is input the output
  • And output devices include the monitor and the speaker.
  • Basics of the computer
  • She then searched the difference between input and output devices.
  • She then searched what it meant for the computer to process something.
  • She then used this new information to teach her family about the basics of a computer.