Learning languages

Updated: 3/18/2021
Learning languages

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Lupe, in your case, do you think it is important to have an bilingual education?
  • Hi Kara. Yes, because you have a better chance of being able to communicate with other people who don't speak your language
  • And do you consider that it is easier to learn a language living in the place where it is spoken?
  • Of course, if you are with many people who speak the same language, it is easier to learn it
  • Ok, thank you. Laura and Sofia, do you have questions?
  • Yes, Lupe I want to learn French, what do you recommmend me to do?
  • Listening to music, watching movies, speaking with other people are ways to learn much better
  • I don't have anyone to practice with, what can I do?
  • I am confused with the pronunciation of some words, what can I do?
  • You can have conversations with yourself
  • Thank you
  • Yes Sofia, thats a good option, our time is up. Thank you for being with us, Byeee.
  • You have to do exercises and ask someone who can help you
  • I make a phone call with a friend that speak the language, that works?