Honey Bees
Updated: 2/7/2021
Honey Bees

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  • Today, another couple of my brothers and sisters vanished. We waited a total of 21 days for them to reach adulthood. For us honeybees, that is a long time-we younger bees rely on our older siblings to keep the colony working properly. I guess it is up to the younger siblings to keep our colony afloat.
  • Finally! Food!
  • Hmmm...I don't understand why my almond blossoms are still not almonds. We got rid of the pests by applying some neonicotinoids. This just doesnt make any sense.
  • Whoa! Something is off. I don't think this is the way home. Where am I?I think I am hungry again.I can't seem to fly. THUMP! Hey, that looks like....
  • Honey, did you hear the news? The honeybees are drastically declining because of something called CCD. Scientists think we can all help if we plant native plants in all our backyards. Will you help me plant some flowers?
  • Oh, honey thats nice of you. Of course, I will help, but I'll have to run to the grocery store in a bit. The kids said we are out of milk.
  • We could learn more about the topic and inform others.
  • Honey, I just came from the store and the price for almond milk is outrageous. I wonder why that is... The garden is starting to look great by the way, but how do we get the other neighbors on board?
  • Come to our Town Hall Meeting to save the Bees!Who: All residentsWhat: Bees are in danger and they need our help. Why: https://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/agriculture/colony-collapse-disorder/https://agdev.anr.udel.edu/maarec/honey-bee-biology/the-colony-and-its-organization/https://www.thoughtco.com/possible-causes-colony-collapse-disorder-1968109https://youtu.be/dY7iATJVCsohttps://youtu.be/dY7iATJVCso