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Updated: 5/15/2020
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  • Today I am going to tell you what a knight is.
  • A knight is a vassal who serves as an elite fighter, a bodyguard or a mercenary for a lord, with payment in the form of land holding. The lord's trust the knights, who are skilled in battle on horseback.
  • What is a knight?
  • Knighthood started when a boy was very young. Official training usually began around age 7. The boys who trained to be knights are generally the sons of knights or lords. When they were placed in the house of another lord or knight. There, they were bestowed with the title of page. Pages learned to fight by imitating knights and practicing combat with each other using wooden swords and lances. When a page turned 14, he could become a squire. After a ceremony, the squire took his place in his lord's household and attended to his duties. Squires would assist the knights in combat, at tournaments and in travel (carrying and cleaning armor, taking care of the knight's horses, and packing baggage).
  • How to you become a knight?
  • What is a knighting ceremony?
  • Upon turning 21, a squire was ready to be knighted. Squires are usually invested as knights during one of the great feasts or holidays, like Christmas or Easter. The king, nobles, knights or the squire's father (if he was a knight) could confer knighthood. The knighting ceremony usually involved a ritual bath on the eve of the ceremony (would usually dress in white). The kneeling squire would swear an oath. Then the master of the ceremony would dub the new knight on the shoulders with a sword. The knight would then dress in armor, receive his sword, mount his sword and participate in martial games to demonstrate his skills as part of the celebration.
  • What are the privileges of being a knight?
  • Knights obtained the title "sir". They could own land, hire soldiers to defend it, and dispense justice over the soldier and those living on the land. They and their horses could wear armor in battle (armor is expensive, so only knights can afford it). During feasts, banquets and dinners, knights have places at the high table, where lords and royals ate. They can also bear arms inside a church.
  • Knights in the early Middle Ages, used technology from the Romans, and wore leather armor. Leather is expensive, but it could be easily shaped and hardened. It is effective in stopping sword cuts but was vulnerable to thrusts and arrows. Throughout the Middle Ages, knights wore chainmail (angin, technology borrowed from the Romans). Chain mail consisted of small interwoven steel rings. Chainmail is easy to make, cheaper and effective in stopping a slice from a weapon. However, it is vulnerable to pointed weapons. Plater armor was invented in the latter half of the Middle Ages. The plates provides protection and ease of movement (knights wear chain mail underneath to protect open areas. Plate armor is effective against cuts and thrusts, but it is expensive.
  • What weapons and armor did knights use and wear?
  • What is Chivalry?
  • Chivalry is a code of conduct to which all knights adhered. A knight swore to defend the weak and to uphold virtues like compassion, loyalty, generosity and truthfulness. The code of chivalry prevents well-armed and well-trained knights from wreaking havoc on the general population.
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