Peloponnesian War comic
Updated: 3/3/2020
Peloponnesian War comic

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  • Hey Stacy! Whats up?
  • Nothing much Conner! Hows your Great-Grandfather doing?
  • Yeah me too. He told me one last week that I could tell you?
  • To be honest not to good.
  • OK sounds good!
  • Oh no I'm sorry I loved those story's he always told us about the Persian Wars.
  • So the story was about The Battle at Marathon where The Persians and Athens battled it out.
  • So now that we are back at my house I'll start telling the story.
  • Alright I can't wait!
  • Athens asked Sparta for help but they refused so they decided to stop the Persians from reaching Athens. They headed to Marathon.
  • King Darius wanted to attack another main-land Greek city-states and started with Marathon.
  • But while they were attacking Athens the Athenian people attacked the rest of their cavalry.
  • Nothing happened for several days but then the Persians attacked Athens over sea with their most powerful military!
  • What did the Persians do about that attack?
  • With that being said Athens won that battle and sent Pheidippides back to Marathon to announce their victory.
  • Well they were very weakened and couldn't attack from an advantages point.
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