War Project
Updated: 3/27/2021
War Project

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  • Daniel Morgan
  • Samuel Adams
  • Throw it
  • William Howe
  • Fire
  • One of Daniel Morgans biggest accomplishments was his victory against the British at the battle of Cowpens. Another one of his major accomplishments was when he led the Militiamen into western Pennsylvania to help suppress the whiskey rebellion. I think that his trait would be leadership because he led all of his troops to victory and helped win the revolutionary war.
  • Ethan Allen
  • Samuel Adams played a major roll in the Boston tea party by putting together a group called the "Sons Of Liberty". He also founded "Bostons Committee of Correspondence". I think that one of his character traits is leadership because he led the "Sons Of Liberty".
  • George Rogers Clark
  • Come on
  • William drove Washington out of New York in the battle of long island. He also supported the colonists in Parliament which I don't know if that is considered an accomplishment but it is cool! The trait that I chose for him is Leadership because he led his troops to victory in the battle of long island!
  • Francis Marion
  • SHHH
  • One of Ethan's accomplishments is when he and Benedict Arnold led an attack on fort Ticonderoga on May, 10, 1775. Anther thing that he did was take claim over Vermont and making it its own colony. I think that his character trait is bravery for being brave enough to fight fort Ticonderoga.
  • Fight Benedict
  • One of his accomplishments was when he led a group of frontiers men into ice cold waters. another one of his accomplishments is when he seized two British outposts in British territory just northwest of the Ohio river. I think his trait would be bravery for being brave enough to seize two British outposts.
  • He was very brave when he broke his ankle and pushed through it even though British troops were attacking his town. He also conducted quick raids with the British by using the guerrilla tactic then running away into the Carolina swamps. I think his trait would be leadership because he was such a good leader with his troop when leading them in and out of battles.