Unknown Story
Updated: 12/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Jeffery
  • Jessica
  • Luke
  • Exposition: Seven kids are going into 5th grade. They all have different personalities and don't get along, but their new teacher changes that.
  • danielle
  • Alexia
  • Peter
  • Mr.Terupt
  • Anna
  • Rising action: Peter had pulled pranks like making the principal fall. The kids got a free day later for being good and decided to play rough on the snow.
  • Haha
  • Peter!!
  • Climax:The girls pushed Peter down which made Peter throw a snowball at their teacher making Mr.Terupt go into a coma.
  • His surgery went well.
  • Falling action: The students in Mr.Terrupts class blame each other and end up finding out that Mr.Terupt needs brain surgery. They go visit him and wait for his surgery to be over.
  • Conclusion: Mr.Terupt survives the surgery and gets out of coma, he goes back to school and hugs the students. They find out they will also have him next year.
  • He is going to be your teacher for next year.
  • Mr: Terupt Storyboardmade by : Abigail Carter