Weaknesses of the AoC

Updated: 10/6/2021
Weaknesses of the AoC

Storyboard Text

  • Federal Government Couldn't Tax its Citizens
  • They could not enforce laws
  • I can not force it but I can recommend you all to tax so we can feed our soldiers who won us independence.
  • Lollipop for gum?
  • They could not Regulate Trade
  • Sure
  • You can't do that! Wait, I can not force that.
  • They did not have enough to supply army, build roads, and improve country.
  • All 13 states had to agree on a change
  • Yes!Uugh! :(
  • No
  • If some states were breaking their new law, the government could not tell them to obey the law, the states only could enforce.
  • Government had no Power
  • If the government really liked a trade but they can not accept it, it was up to the states/
  • Congress could raising their own Troops
  • We were raised from the 13 original colonies.
  • We can not be raised by the government
  • If one state did not agree like for example Maryland, the proposed change would be cancelled
  • Proposition: Every state donate money for the army for food and weapons
  • The states could dictate their progression, add crazy unfair laws, and tax their citizens however they please.
  • Army
  • Government
  • The Colonists
  • They could not raise their own troops so it was up to the troops coming out of the colonies to tell the future of the army.