Aztec Project

Updated: 10/11/2021
Aztec Project

Storyboard Text

  • (1200's) Leaving Aztlan
  • We have decided to leave Aztlan and go to the Valley of Mexico.
  • (1200's) Map of Journey
  • Aztlan
  • Valley of Mexico
  • (Around 1280-1300) The Priest's Message
  • The Aztecs leave the land where they had wandered for years and decided to go to the Valley of Mexico.
  • The Sign of the Gods
  • They travel all the way from Aztlan to the Valley of Mexico
  • The Land
  • The Aztecs were less than happy in the Valley of Mexico. Due to their bad reputation as barbarians, they could only find jobs as soldiers and mercenaries in many different city-states. However, while they were in a city-state called Azcapotzalco, they were told by a priest that they would build their city at the spot where they found a sign from the gods.
  • The Aztec Empire
  • After traveling for many days they finally found the sign from the gods. They decided to build their capital there, on a small island in Lake Texcoco.
  • This must be the sign from the gods!!! We will build our capital here in Lake Texcoco.
  • Even though there was a sign from the gods, the land wasn't quite perfect. It had limited space and had many swamps. However, the Aztecs were skilled builders and set to work on building their capital. One of the many great innovations that they built was the chinampas. A chinampa is a hanging garden that the Aztecs used to feed themselves on the island.
  • Over time the Aztecs were able to grow their city into an elegant capital, They became a force to be reckoned with. They were widely known as one of the most skilled groups of people at using their surroundings to their advantage. Because of their rich history, they have made a big impact on our lives today.