consumer awareness - 2
Updated: 1/26/2021
consumer awareness - 2

Storyboard Text

  • Finally a new ad!
  • Hairyhead doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and sulphuric acids. Hear it from a doctor himself!
  • hey...isn't that famous celebrity Celeba Ritty?!?!
  • ah yes. This hair product will make ur endo..endothermias strong and healthy. The results using this product is very…. high. 99.9%. It also acts as an anti-oxidont for your pulfuric glands.
  • Wow! I should get a Hairyhead for myself!
  • At the shop...
  • Hi! can I have a Hairyhead Shampoo?
  • After a nice long head bath....
  • Aaaah!!!! my beautiful hair!?! this nasty product has spoilt it all!
  • And so she went and complained at the consumer court...and won her case against Hairyhead
  • Right to informationRight to safetyRight to chooseRight to seek redressal Right to be heardRight to consumer education