Updated: 2/2/2020
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  • Air Pods.
  • The Confrontation.
  • The kids are walking through the hallway. Three in a row, all of them listening to music, the boy in the middle being especially noticeable, as he basically dances. Shot taken from the back, before panning to watch them in the front. Also, at the beginning of the shot, we see a full shot, once we se them from the front, it pans from feet to head, then mid shot, Air Pods.
  • The New Air Pods.
  • Long shot to Medium shot. Teacher asks for the Air Pods. The students are mad.
  • The new boy tells them about the Air Pods that will blend with your skin. You start with a close up to the crying girl's eyes. Then zoom out to long shot. You zoom in to a Medium shot.
  • Due to interruption, they have moved to the seats. The boy gives them a magazine advertising the Air Pods. Pan to see the students happy faces, then a close up on the magazine. The magazine then, in the editing process, blows up on the screen so that you can fully read the magazine.
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