Unknown Story
Updated: 11/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Dope party! But how can we make it more entertaining?
  • Hmmm, let's do some divergent ideation and collect some ideas!
  • These ideas are great, let's think of some super crazy ones! We wanna think of something super unique so people will remember our party.
  • we could:get a djget a bouncy house get some food and drinkshave a dance floorget some strobe lights
  • We could get a petting zoo, offer skydiving, bungee jumping off the building, have a human sacrifice, shave our heads, have a burping contest, all trade clothes, or maybe glue ourselves together for an hour...
  • so many good ideas! How will we decide?
  • I think we should go for the idea that is the most memorable yet enjoyable. A human sacrifice and being glued to another person are probably the most memorable, but the most memorable AND enjoyable one I think will be bungee jumping because it's an adrenaline pumping activity.
  • you don't think it's a little risky? Look at these people they don't really seem like the type.
  • It's a risk but I think it's our best option to create the most memorable and enjoyable party
  • Wow he looks like he's having a blast, I wanna go next! The most memorable party I've been to.