Where the Red Fern Grows

Updated: 9/16/2021
Where the Red Fern Grows

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction.The characters of Where The Red Fern Grows are Billy,papa,mama,Grandpa,the three sisters and the two hounds
  • Conflict.Billy wants to red hounds but cant have them since his family is poor. He decides to save up for the pups
  • Rising action.He gets his pups.In a bet to hunt and kill the Ghost coon Billy refuses to kill the old coon and Rubin trying to break up the fight of the dogs protecting their masters picks up an ax and trips on it and kills himself.
  • Also rising action.Billy and his pups are invited to a hunting tournament! Then at the tournament they actually win it all, and a few people get hurt in a blizzard. After Billy and them get back from the tournament, on another hunt with Billy and his hounds,they find a mountain lion and they fight it the ultimate team kill the lion.
  • Climax. After the fight with the lion Old Dan is wounded intensely. The suspense is frightening. Everyone was worried while mama was doctoring up the wounds, sadly Old Dan dies. Later little Ann was so sad she died as well from not willing to live anymore.
  • Solution.The story ends with a tragic event but it isn't all sad. There is also, on their way out to move to the city they see by little Ann and Old Dan a red fern planted by an angel. This was Gods way of saying its not all bad so we can end this story with a mindset that its not that sad if you think, it was the life story that counts.