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The Ages or Men
Updated: 10/1/2020
The Ages or Men
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  • Golden Age- respected each other and the deathless gods, lived a simple and peaceful life. Endless spring because the gods loved them and the humans loved them in return.
  • Silver Age- lived childish lives resorting in unhappy lives later on. They never learned how to treat each other with respect resulting in wars. They also never respected the gods making not effort to please them this made Zeus very angry. The gods changed the weather to icy winter and blistering summers.
  • Bronze age- Very cruel to each other but loved the god of war, Ares. They where very powerful and very strong, driving them to bring death upon themselves.
  • The race of heroes- they fought in the war against Troy and many die, but those that survived were placed on an island by zeus himself. They no longer suffered from grief, only the honor of war and glory could touch them. They were ruled by Cronus whom zeus had freed.
  • The race of Iron- expanded and explored their given land, they sailed into unknown land to expand. They searched for treasure and become super greedy towards one another. They knew they had to change their ways other wise they would all die so they did.
  • The race of Masks- a deadly virus know as Covid-19 was found and therefore we have to wear masks in public, including school.
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