Comic Matter
Updated: 1/12/2021
Comic Matter

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  • 3 triplet brothers from 3 different matters and abilities.
  • Hi I'm Solid Vilas
  • We are three matters. Like Solid, Liquid, and Gas.
  • Hi I'm Gasfly Vilas
  • Hi I'am Liquoraide Vilas
  • I'am a Solid Matter. Which is always stay packed together in a shape. I have a definite volume and shape.
  • Hi I'm Manav. K.I'm the manager of this house and I 'am from the Tv9 channel. I want to know about yourselves and show particles of your matter.
  • Hi I'am Liquid Matter. Which is closely packed is not at a shape. I have a definte volume but no shape.
  • Hi I'am Gas Matter. Which is freely spaced.I have no definite volume and shape.
  • My energy is added when it is melting it to gas which is called sublimation.
  • My energy is also added when it is melting it to a liquid which is freezing. But my energy is never removed.
  • Now, solid tell me when does your heat get added and removed.
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