My Storyboard 2021
Updated: 2/17/2021
My Storyboard 2021

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  • Mmm.. where is the connection building at? (1)
  • Hey, you seem lost how can I help.(2)
  • Glad to help, but you gonna want to go down a little more where the bakery is and you will see.(4)
  • Yes, I would love some help finding the connection building, and thank you very much.(3)
  • Thank you so much , you very sweet person. I would like to take you for a little time to meet if you would like? I'm Bob by the way. (6)
  • How about in 45 minutes. We can see each other at the cow spot. Sounds good?(8)
  • Well here we are I'll be next in the library hopefully we meet again.(5)
  • Yeah, sound great see you then.(9)
  • Your welcome and my name is Eliot. Yes, I would love to what time you think you will be done?(7)
  • Well hello nice to see you again. I wanted to just say you are really beautiful :)(10)
  • Anytime I'm glad you accepted and I would really love to get to know you.(12)
  • Hey, and aww thank you, your so sweet. I'm glad you invited me to go out I was hungry jajaja. You seem so sweet. (11)
  • Would love to also.