The amazing castle of Azerac
Updated: 2/3/2020
The amazing castle of Azerac
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  • Alice and her friend Becky were on their way to the amazing castle of Azerac.
  • The two arrived in the castle and were scared. "Woah, this place is quite scary!" said Alice (on the left) "Yes quite scary indeed Alice." said Becky (on the right).
  • Alice and Becky considered leaving the castle, but then all of a sudden the door slams shut. "Ahhhh, the door has shut on us Alice, what shall we do?!" squeels Becky. "I don't know Becky, i was planning on leaving but now i guess we better find a way out." Says Alice, scared out of her mind. but still trying to remain calm.
  • They decided that they shall try to find a way out by going up the stairs, little do they know they are being followed by an evil fairy hiding behind the stairs.
  • The two girls arrived and looked around the room. They found the evil fairy hiding in the mirror. "Oh my lord, there's an evil fairy hiding in the window!" Alice said gasping. A moment later another fairy, a kind one, appeared out of thin air. This fairy was the evil fairies twin cousin.
  • "Girls, come with me, this castle is filled with terrible beings such as my sister." The kind fairy said. The two girls held the fairy's hand and the fairy and two girls were on their way happily ever after.The End
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