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Updated: 12/8/2020
Science cool

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  • Hello! My name is Sam and today I will be taking you through the process of primary succession. As you can see there is no life on this island right now because of the volcanic eruption that occurred here just 2 years ago. However soon there will be life.
  • 500 Years Later
  • These are the rocks from 500 years ago and as you can see moss and lichen have started to grow. This growth even continues onto the volcanic rock that covers the island
  • 3 Years Later
  • As you can see little amounts of dirt have started to be made around the island and soon little grasses and other plants will begin to sprout.
  • 6 Months later
  • As you can see through the magnifying glass little grasses have began to take route. The biomass is still extremely low compared to what this island once was
  • 2 Months later
  • We no longer need the magnifying glass to see the ever expanding grass. Within the next 50 years the island will be almost to what it was before in some areas. The comparing biomass's will be relatively similar again.
  • 100 Years later
  • As you can see life all over the island has sprouted everywhere and the biomass is just about the same as it was before the eruption. That was the amazing process of succession. I hope you learned something! -Sincerely, Sam
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