Science Project
Updated: 5/12/2020
Science Project
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Law for Newton's motion

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  • Welcome to the museum of motion. I'm Isabelle and I will be your tour guide today
  • I wonder if she will talk about the three law of motion.
  • In this room it's the soccer room. You may not know it but the first Newton's law of motion occur in this room.
  • Excuse me may you explain how soccer can show the first law of motion.
  • Well you see when the soccer ball is not being kick it's resting until a person kick it. Then when you kick the soccer ball it won't stop moving until something stop it form moving.
  • Newton's firs law of motion stated that an object will remain resting or in motion in the same speed and direction unless an unbalanced force act on them
  • Oh I get it now but what is the first law of motion.
  • Great to know. Let's go to the next part of museum where we will discuss the second law of motion.
  • Oh I now understand how the first law of motion work and what it's
  • For this room we are going to pretend that the smaller is a car and the big ball is a truck
  • Well because a car and a truck have different mass
  • Why do we need to pretend those balls are vehicle.
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