The origin of the legends

Updated: 6/15/2021
The origin of the legends

Storyboard Text

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Light
  • Five children were taken away from their family and became outcasts. One cloudy day wild animals dragged them into the dark cold river. Now they were surrounded by water.Suddenly, a strange event had happened. Their bodies started to glow in a spark of light. Their hairs started to change colors and marks appeared on their skins. They realized they were in disguise.
  • A week later, the five children discovered they could preform veteran powers and robust strength. They climbed up the wooden bridge and met together. They realized that they were magically transformed into THE ELEMENTS. They quickly formed a group and cheered out happily.
  • The elements traveled to the nearest airport and boarded a 747. Water and Fire sat together on the left, Earth and Light were partners on the right, and Air sat on the second row behind Water. They traveled around the world to discover mysteries of the unknown, defeat their enemies and save the day.
  • Their first mission was to sprint through the entire, sophisticated obstacle in order to train their powers. The elements