Lily Sandefur - Atomic Theory
Updated: 10/28/2020
Lily Sandefur - Atomic Theory

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  • Democritus460 BCE - 370 BCE
  • He believed in ideas without experimentation¨Nothing exists except atoms and empty space.¨He thought atoms were indivisible.
  • John Dalton 1766 - 1844
  • He presented a theory that was difficult to prove.John believed all matter was made of atoms.He believed atoms could not be created or destroyed.
  • Nols Bohr 1885 - 1962
  • J. J. Thomson1856 - 1940
  • John used cathode ray tubes in his experiments.He determined the particles were producing an electric current.He discovered that atoms have charges.
  • Erwin Schrodinger1887 - 1961
  • Ernest developed an experiment to test Thomson´s plum pudding model.He shot tiny positively charged particles out of a particle gun toward a thin sheet of gold foil.Detected reflected particles at various angles.
  • Ernest Rutherfort1871 - 1937
  • He believed that electrons occupy most energy levels.He believed that electrons reside in orbits.He also believed that the energy of the orbit is related to size.
  • Erwin believed that electrons don´t move in orbits.He believed electrons exist in specific energy levels as a cloud.He also believed that the electron cloud is the area of negative charges.
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