Aincent Rome
Updated: 10/9/2018
Aincent Rome
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  • The twins Romulus and Remus were born to their father Mars, the god of war, and their mother Rhea Silvia, a vestal virgin. The minute they were born, King Numitor took them and threw them in a river hoping they would drown.
  • However, they were saved by a she-wolf who fed them with her own milk and raised them.
  • The two brothers found out who they really are and decided to kill Amulius and put their Grandfather back on the throne. They then decided to build a city, but couldn't deicide on how to build it, so they built two.
  • One day Remus visited Romulus and jumped over his wall to make fun of him, so Romulus got mad and killed him.
  • Romulus then became the first King of Rome and populated his city with slaves and criminals.
  • Later, Romulus dies and his father carries his body to the heavens to be worshipped by the gods.
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