zero thirst

Updated: 2/10/2021
zero thirst

Storyboard Text

  • pretty good we are nearly done
  • so how's the project coming on?
  • this data looks promising
  • yes definitely
  • scene 1: starts outside a scientists' factory. using an establishing shot to show the huge scale of the factory. workers going about their everyday lives loading vans and getting ready to go inside for work. all that can be heard is the sound of traffic and muttering by employees.
  • hey whats this?
  • it's a new sport drink, it's meant to help improve your physical performance
  • scene 2: inside factory, can hear squeaking shoes and people stopping to take breaths. scientists watching taking notes of the athletes. starts as the reverse shot for the boy in green, then the camera travels past the shoulder to the point of view we see now and ends as a wide shot.
  • scene 3: scientists loading zero thirst onto conveyor belt a simple medium shot showing both scientists just loading the drinks onto the belt. workers walking around in the background. camera the zooms into one drink bottle as an extreme close up shot.
  • scene 4: transitioning from scene 3 where the camera zoomed into bottle, zooms out into this scene where girl picks it up and asks what it is, this is all filmed in the two shot.people walking around in their everyday lives in the background
  • scene 5: using a cutaway shot, the girl is thinking and talking out loud saying how she will use this drink for her race meet. it is just her in this scene.
  • this drink sounds interesting, im going to use it on my race day :)
  • scene 6:it is race day, girl won the whole thing, people in background cheering,starts off as birds eye view shot, then camera travels down into establishing shot. everyone in background is cheering, and racers ask how she is so fast and she says, just go zero thirst