Unknown Story
Updated: 2/27/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • why couldn't i just do my work then this wouldn't happen
  • I pray for a safe journey and to who lost their lives in your name we pray amen .
  • why did i choose to do this!!!
  • Pierre slept in and his father cut the wood insted and got a bad cut and now wants to leave his family behind and become a voyager feeling terrible for what he did.
  • how are we going to survive this!!!
  • Pierre joins the voyagers and goes to St. Annes and pray for the journey that they will do. Pierre is worried about the journey ahead but hopes things will be ok at home.
  • all the work was worth it its amazing here!
  • As Pierre starts his journey the water splashes and has a strong current. His hands covered in blisters.
  • and then I met a Native American named Mukwa.
  • The voyagers start working their way in lake superior waves,storms,and other giant rocks get in their path . Pierre tries his hardest to paddle along with the others.
  • As Pierre at long last comes to Grand Portage he meets new people like Kennawah and Mukwa.
  • I think Pierre should sign back on for next spring because true in the story he a had a hard time at first but made new friends ,is alive, and enjoyed Grande Portage.