Comic Strip
Updated: 1/29/2021
Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • I'm sorry ma'am. My group forgot me and I had no where to sleep, so I decided to stay here for the night.
  • Hello there boy . What are you doing in my barn?
  • It is okay boy. Let me get you some food and wash you off and then you go on your way and get out of here.
  • Uncle, this is so hard. I do no think I can keep rowing for that much longer. I need a break.
  • Do not row as fast as you can. Row slower and you will go faster and you will drain less energy. You can take little baby steps and you will still get there.
  • You are welcome my kind children. I know that the Nuer tribe has been struggling to have freshwater so I forgave them for what they did to my uncle and helped everybody out. We all need to be in this together.
  • My name child, is Salva Dut.
  • What is your name?
  • Thank you sir. The markings on your face show that you are a Dinka why would you help us?
  • After Salva's group left him behind, he had to sleep in a random barn, so that he would not be encountered by the people included in the war. He then woke up the next morning to an old lady who introduced herself as "Auntie" she then fed and washed him off. This made Salva feel like he mattered and he pushed himself to find his group.
  • Salva and his uncle had to build a boat to cross the Nile River. It took them hours to build the boat and to start rowing to get across the river. After a while of rowing, Salva was exhausted and needed food and water. His uncle told him to persevere and push through the pain and to not give up. After persevering, they made it across the Nile River.
  • After Salva got transferred to America, he then learned that the water in Southern Sudan was very dirty and unhealthy. Salva then flew back out and showed how passionate and being able to forgive the Nuer tribe for what they did to his uncle. And then helped them out and built a freshwater well.