The Ghost of The Lagoon

Updated: 8/19/2021
The Ghost of The Lagoon

Storyboard Text

  • Mako's grandfather tells him about the ghost of the Lagoon, Tupa. He tells him that whoever captured him would get King Upu Nui's reward of 30 acres of coconut land and a sailing canoe.
  • His mom decides to tell him what actually happened to his father. He was killed by Tupa. Mako then makes a vow to get revenge on Tupa and win the reward.
  • Mako's mom send him on an expedition to the reef in order to get bananas and oranges. On his way, Mako sees a reef that looks like a shark and practices attacking it.
  • When Mako is about to come back, he sees the actual Tupa and is worried because Afa is in danger. Mako kills Tupa with his harpoon.
  • Mako attacked Tupa with his spear again just to be sure. He hitched Tupa and brought him back.
  • Everyone is thrilled. Mako got 30 acres of land and a sailing canoe. He also had a celebration feast for him the next day.