Mexican Revolution
Updated: 4/20/2020
Mexican Revolution
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  • “Before the Revolution ”
  • I am Porfirio Diaz and I am the president. I shall benefit the wealthy.
  • Lazaro Cardenas
  • I am Lazaro Cardenas, I will nationalize the oil industry
  • Emiliano Zapata
  • I am Emiliano Zapata, and we shall take down this dictatorship and have that we want.
  • Porfirio Diaz was know for his presidency and strong centralized state in Mexico. His elitist and oligarchical policies benefited foreign investors and wealthy landowners, resulting in an economic crisis for the country. The people who suffered were the poor.
  • Victoriano Huerta
  • Onwards to defeat the rebels and peasants.
  • He was general in the Constitutionalism Army and a statesman. He served as president of Mexico between 1934 and 1940. He contributed Nationalization of the oil industry
  • Venustiano Carranza
  • I've come to take down the revolutionaries!
  • He was a leading figure and the leader of the peasant revolution in the state of Morels. He contributed inspiration for the agrarian movement.
  • An End to the Revolution
  • Hooray! We've got what we've wanted
  • He was a Mexican Military officer or a General who led people. He contributed to the fights against Emiliano Zapata, Pancho villa, Felix Diaz and other rebels.
  • He was one of the main leaders of the Mexican Revolution. He had victorious northern revolutionary constitutionalism Army who defeated the counter revolutionary regime of Victorian Huerta and defeated fellow revolutionaries after Huerta Dismissal
  • It sparked the Constitution of 1917 which provided for separation of church and state, government ownership of the subsoil, holding of land by communal group, the right of labor to organize and strike and many other aspiration. 1.5 Million people died.
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