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Updated: 8/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hmmm…… how about travelling in the Philippines first?
  • Hey, my mom was asking me which country we should go to next for next summer.
  • I dunno, I mean, I have been all over Luzon and Visayas already. I’m not sure if there is anything new to do…
  • What! Terrorists?! Hahahhahahha lolololol
  • Huh, why haven’t you mentioned about Mindanao?
  • What do you mean? Isn’t their war and terrorist groups there? I’m too scared to go there!
  • Why are you laughing at me? It’s true! All the news we hear about Mindanao are about bomb threats or the ISIS!!
  • Heavens no! Let me educate you on the beautiful side of Mindanao!
  • History books do not speak much about the history and events that transpired in Mindanao. As people from Luzon don't hear about the deep moral and culturally embedded in the individuals in ARMM.Mindanao has been a home for the majority of the Muslim- Filipino since the 14th century. Missionaries first arrived in Tawi-Tawi, converting the people to Islam. The autonomous region of Mindanao comprises five provinces and until now has been facing tough times. Because of socio-political violence, armed clashes, kidnappings, war, and bombings people associated this land with only fear and violence.Click To EditMosques and churches normally co-exist and a lot of the Muslims in Cagayan de Oro came specifically to find a safe place to live. People pack the malls, restaurants and downtown parks.HelpEscapeInsert ParagraphUndo the last commandRedo the last commandTabUntabSet a bold styleSet a italic styleSet a underline styleSet a strikethrough styleClean a styleSet left alignSet center alignSet right alignSet full alignToggle unordered listToggle ordered listOutdent on current paragraphIndent on current paragraphChange current block's format as a paragraph(P tag)Change current block's format as H1Change current block's format as H2Change current block's format as H3Change current block's format as H4Change current block's format as H5Change current block's format as H6Insert horizontal ruleShow Link DialogSummernote 0.8.18 · Project · Issues