Persian War
Updated: 12/18/2020
Persian War

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Persian War

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  • We need to attack Messenia!
  • Beginning
  • We could benefit greatly from that!
  • Spartans
  • Persians
  • Sparta Becomes a military state, located in southern Greece, and invades Messenia, and they revolt soon after
  • Persian Attack
  • Iron was a lot more common now, so armies had a lot of iron tools. The Spartans created an army and they became a military state after that.
  • 480 BC Xerxes
  • The Persian army took over the seas. Wars began on the coast of Anatolia. The Ionians revolt, and Athens sends boats to support them. They are destroyed, and the king of Persia swears to destroy Athens
  • Xerxes Continued
  • Persia sends 25,000 men to Marathon and 10,000 Athenians waited for them. The Persians lacked in skill and armor so they lost 6,000 men while Athens only lost 200. Athens was left defenseless however, so they had to warn Athens to be prepared for a Persian attack. They hen scared off the Persians.
  • Xerxes forms an army of Greeks to fight Athens. The Greeks are badly divided as only some city states join Xerxes. 7,000 Greeks blocked an advance from Xerxes for 3 days
  • Athens retreated to fight at sea, where they armed themselves with battering rams. They Won the battle and Xerxes lost 1/3 of his army. Greek city-states formed alliances to push Persia out
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