Updated: 10/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • are you ok !!!!!
  • hey call the ambulance!!!
  • ok ON MAY WAY!!!
  • sir are you ok !!
  • i saw him fall and trip from the top and i saw if he was ok and then i called you guys!!!
  • yes that guy saved his life he was giving him cpr and got him to star breathing.
  • omg did you see what happen
  • omg i really did save someones life if i did not give him cpr he would of died and hes family would be very sad. imagen ill be a hero after this.
  • here you go i'm the dad of the child you saved his life if it wasn't for you my son would of passed away. here you go a award for being a hero.
  • OMG!! you did not have to give me ths. and no i'm not a hero i just did this out of my heart. thank you so much.
  • HERO