The Cay
Updated: 5/21/2020
The Cay

Storyboard Text

  • While on their way to Miami, Florida their boat is hit by a missile. And when the missile hit, Phillip seemed to think his mother was calm.
  • Phillip wakes up on a raft with a black man named Timothy. When they finally reach the island from the raft Phillip has then become blind.
  • While marooned on the island, they, mostly Timothy, made a shelter. When finished Timothy says, "Look at it!" Phillip who is already angered tell him he can't see.
  • Timothy sensed a tempest coming their way and tied their belongings to a tree. When the tornado finally came, Timothy shielded Phillip from the harsh wind and debris.
  • Unfortunately, Timothy was too badly wounded during the tempest that he died. Phillip buried him in the sands and tried to survive by himself and Stew Cat.
  • A while later, Philip hears an aircraft flying pretty close by. He lit the fire with gasoline and it created a black smoke. The plance eventually comes by to rescue him and he is reunited with family. He also doesn't talk to Henrik, his best friend, that much anymore. Instead, he talks to the black people.
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