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Updated: 9/11/2020
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  • Come to new England !we have mild summers and some cold winters our best resources are fish,whales,fur and lumber we developed businesses and are manufacturing with raw materials glass blowing , fishing , rope making , ship building are all part of our economy love living in small towns centered around church a surrounded by fields with a strong sense of community? come to the new England colonies lets not for get the government tin the colonies all adult male church members participated !
  • Come to the middle colonies !! we have hot summers and cold winter good soil longer growing seasons heavy forest natrual harbors our people love living near seaports Larger Towns with small farms we have Good soil to grow grains timber furs Long Deep Rivers natural harbors our economy has developed large seaports for trades and grew crops such as apples corn wheat rye oats sounds great right? our govern elects adult male propery owners
  • come to the southern colonies !! we have hot summers mild winters rich fertile soil longest growing seasons isnt that great our people live on plantations farms that were self supporting and far away our economy offers growing cash crops like tabacco and rice the king appoints but the colonies also elected representative government such as the house of burgesses in virginia !!
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