3B's comic!
Updated: 1/8/2021
3B's comic!

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  • 3B's comic. Featuring Trump!
  • Made by Marco Vital Mendez!
  • Follow your 3B's kids. Always be safe, Respectful and Responsible!
  • The date is 1/4/2021
  • Our School is called KDA! Which stands for kyrene digital academey!
  • Very good kids! Now We will tell you all about the 3B's and how to follow them!
  • The first B is Be safe! Make sure you don't click on mysterious ads or they might make your laptop have a virus!
  • Be safe! Don't go on suspicous websites! They might make your laptop do weird things!
  • The second B is be respectful!
  • You should wait untli your class is dismissed! It would be disrepectful if you left before your teacher said to be dismissed.
  • If your teacher said good morning to you you should say good morning to your teacher too!
  • The third be is be responsible!
  • If a test is coming up and you don't think you can get an 100 then go and do some reaserch!
  • Wait are they still watching?!
  • They are! Everybody get down!!!
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