Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • chicago
  • east egg
  • the valley of the ashes
  • nick carraway grew up wealthy and started going to college for bonds. Hes a very intelligent man and is very nice and none judgemental.
  • new york city
  • Nick goes to his cousin daisys house in east egg to visit them. At first sight he sees how big there house is and how much money they have. Nick also sees the tough relationship between daisy and tom.
  • west egg
  • Tom goes to the valley of the ashes to "Pick up a car from george". Instead of getting the car, he gets george wife myrtle to go to new york city with him and spoil her.
  • gatsbys party
  • George and Myrtle get an apartment and throw a party without george. Everyones drinking and having fun. Myrtle and tom are all over eachother until myrtle makes a comment about daisy and tom punches her in the face.
  • west egg is where people worked for there money. the east egg is the opposite where people were entitled to there money.
  • In this scene, gatsbys party is taking place and everyone is having the times of there lives. Jordan is flirting with nick the whole night. Everyone gets incredibly drunk and cant drive home correctly.
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