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Section 2.1 Page 520 Scene: Part 2
Updated: 5/20/2020
Section 2.1 Page 520 Scene: Part 2
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  • You are both wrong. Here where I point my sword is where the sun rises. It's near the south since it is still winter. About two months from now, the dawn will break further toward the north, and due east is where the Capitol stands, here.
  • Give me your hands. All of you, one by one.
  • And let us swear to our resolution.
  • No, lets not swear an oath. If the sad faces of our men, the suffering of our own souls and the corruption of the present time isn't enough to drive us, lets break it off now and go back to bed. Then we can let this aspiring tyrant continue unchallenged until each of us is killed at his whim. But if we have reasons that are powerful enough to drive cowards into action and to make weak women brave - then, countrymen, what else could we possibly need to spur us to action? What bond do we need other than that of discreet Romans who have said what they're going to do and wont back down? And what oath do we need other than that we honest men have told each other that this will happen or we will die trying?Swearing is for priests, cowards, overly cautious men, feeble old people, and those long-suffering weaklings who greet abuse. Only men you can't trust would swear oaths and for the worst reasons. Don't spoil the justness and virtue of our aspire nor weaken our own irrepressible spirits by thinking that we need a binding oath, when the blood that every noble Roman contains within him would be proven bastard’s blood if he broke the smallest part of any promise he had made.
  • But what about Cicero? Should we see what he thinks? I think he will stand strong with us.
  • No, don't even mention him. We shouldn’t tell him about our plans. He’ll never follow anything that other men have started.
  • No, by no means.
  • Yes, we should get his support, for his mature presence will make others think that we are good people and speak out in support of our actions. They’ll assume that Cicero, with his sound judgment, ordered the actions. His dignified maturity will distract attention from our youth and wildness.
  • Then leave him out
  • Lets not leave him out
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