Dwayne Scott Jr Story board.
Updated: 12/20/2019
Dwayne Scott Jr Story board.
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  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • Hi my name is Dwayne Scott and today we will be learning about Reconstruction. You wont be seeing me much we will be meeting new people.
  • Black Codes
  • Article One section one :Blacks need a document that states who they are. Article 2 Section 1 Blacks cannot vote with out a literacy test.
  • Radical Reconstruction
  • I am a part of the radical Reconstruction and I believe in blacks having fair rights and i wont led anybody change my mind.
  • Presidential Reconstruction was not success because they tried to take away African American rights . They also passed they black codes in attempt to take away rights for blacks. This was mainly the south that wanted this . They north was for equal rights for everyone.The leader of Reconstruction was the President Andrew Johnson
  • White league and the KKK
  • Groups like the KKK were meant to intimate us and stop us from exercising our rights.
  • Black Codes were passed to limit and take away rights. This was the plan for the south after the civil war to keep white power.The black codes were overturned by the 14 Amendment that granted Citizenship to everyone born in America
  • Freedman's Bureau
  • The Freedman's Bureau helped me out by giving me food money and clothing . It can help all of us out. If you are in need of help and your Black .
  • Radical Reconstruction was the opposite of Presidential Reconstruction They believes in punishing the south for starting the civil war. They also believed in blacks having rights . The south did not like this at all so they tried to stop them .
  • Compromise of 1877
  • The white league and the KKK are racist groups made to intimidate blacks. They hope that if they intimidate them enough blacks will step down and not vote. They wanted to dehumanize African American people.
  • The Freedman Bureau was created to help any African Americans in need. It helped them to get back on their feet. They need help because they had nothing they were slaves their whole life . So the Freedman's Bureau attempted to help any and all struggling African Americans .
  • The compromise of 1877 was a deal between the north and the south . It agreed to let the north win the election in exchange for all troops removed in the south. The north took the deal won the election and removes all troops in the south. This isn't good for African Americans because now they aren't under care anymore.
  • The compromise was one of the first times the country agreed on something after the civil war.
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