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Updated: 1/22/2020
sience project
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  • hey lithium larry, im loney these days, i cant find a bind.
  • well sodium steve i have a great friend who will bond with you. her name is... Chloride chole
  • of course! wait dont you also have one valence electron?
  • OMG please she seems like the perfect bond
  • alright sodium steve but notice that she only dates element can you do that
  • ...
  • so i heard that you need one more valence electron, and guess what ? im the guy your looking for. Ps im a metal.
  • yea iconic bond buddies. iconic bond means that we give and take electrons to create a better shell! our ship name is sodium chloride.
  • Iconic bond buddies?
  • exactly! im a nonmetal and a hydrogen. that means that we can be iconic bond buddies
  • So. did you have any other biddies? what do they do?
  • yea i also have the covalent bond buddies.
  • so your saying that im not the only one
  • covalent bonds share electrons between each other. i have so many friends who are nonmetal.
  • yup. I have many more bond buddies and you just my iconic bond buddies!
  • Oh, hey oxygen Oscar how are you?
  • noooooooo
  • Good, Ready for covalent bond date?
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