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book project
Updated: 2/16/2019
book project
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  • The girls just got to the camp but they could not find each other.
  • the girls got off the bus they reunited with each other . but Chelsea did not get along with the other girls.  when the girls wanted to talk to Chelsea but she jus go upset.
  • When they got to the cabin the girls were still caching up with each other, but Chelsea was still up set. 
  • When all of the girls choose here bunks they all decide to get ready and head out to the cook out with the rest of the campers But when gaby and Alex went back to the cabin they found out that their consular was looking through their stuff 
  • Once the they told the girls they all went to see someone but they couldn't do any thing, So they took maters in to there unhands and tired to get answers from her  But she ended up being more dangers then they thought.
  • when they girls where distracted Gaby went back to the cabin and wanted to talk to Bell Bella told Gabby that Chelsea had gon missing and she wanted to now who had don it  so that is why she was looking through the bags toes if she could fond any thing and she now that it wasn't any of the girls that it was some one else but never found out who
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