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Updated: 2/25/2020
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  • (Kissed both boys)
  • Aaahhh
  • (giggles)
  • The mother of heracles was taking care of the two boy heracles and his twin brother she showered them and then to the to sleep on their cradle. The cradle was made from bronze shield that the dad won in a battle.
  • Aaahh
  • Zeus was the new protector of heracles but zeus wife was jealous. This night she sent two snakes coiling around the pillar and going to the shield. But then Zeus brightness the room and warning the kids up. heracles graded one of the snakes neck and squeezed with all his might
  • Aaahhh!
  • Your next tasks is to slay a monster
  • People ran in to the room first was Amphitryon with his drawn sword in his hand.Then was Alcmene close behind him, and the servants crowding with torches through the door.Beside him lay Heracles chuckling to himself as he held out his arms to his father, while in the two tiny fists lay the dead bodies of the snakes, choked to death by the strength of his grip.
  • Heracles was most know for archer and his incredible strength he trained many ways one was He rode and ran, threw the javelin and wielded the spear. One time it was said that he accident, killed a man by striked him to hard when he was in one of his rages.
  • Heracles was happy with his life until he killed his three sons and his wife not knowing what he was doing.People think that he did it because he was upset and he didn't know what he was doing.
  • As punishment for what he did he had eight years as servant to King Eurystheus and to perform ten tasks for him.Heracles was a proud man, and besides King Eurystheus was a weakling and a coward who was jealous of the great hero and proceeded to give him the hardest tasks he could find.Also he objected to two of the tasks Heracles performed because the hero had had help in one and had earned a profit from another.
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