catherville ghost
Updated: 2/1/2021
catherville ghost

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time a rich family called Otis bought a house at Canterville but for the moment no one knows what will happen.
  • This house is beautiful
  • No you can't or else the blood stain will keep on coming every time and change its colour
  • It´s a blood stain. Sir. Simon de Canterville killed Lady Eleanor in this room .
  • I will ask Washington to remove this stain immediately
  • What is this ?
  • During the night,Mr.Otis heard loud noise from the hall.
  • What is this noise
  • So he went downstairs and a ghost was wandering in the hall.But Mr Otis was still not afraid
  • Do you want oil for your chain because you make so much noise ?
  • What are you talking about,human?
  • Okay that's fine
  • But Sir Simon De Canterville went out before he gave him the oil.Sir Simon of Canterville was very angry because it's the first time nobody is afraid of him.
  • I will take revenge for that