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The Egyptian Creation Story
Updated: 6/25/2020
The Egyptian Creation Story
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  • Nu was the name of the dark, jumbled chaos Before the beginning time.
  • Out of the waters rose Atum, He created himself using his thoughts.
  • Atum was alone in the world. He had an eye that could see all throughout the universe. He join with his shadow to produce a son and a daughter
  • Atum spat out his son. He named him Shu and made him the God of air. Atum vomited out his daughter. He named her Tefnut and made her the Goddess of moisture and nature.
  • Tefnut and Shu were given the task of separating the chaos into principles of law, order and stability. The chaos was sorted into dark and light. This order was called matt, matt was a feather, light and pure.
  • Shu and Tefnut produced Geb the Earth and Nut the Sky. At first these two were tangled as one.
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