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Abuelita Magic
Updated: 9/26/2020
Abuelita Magic
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  • The picture to the right represents a poem called "Abuelita Magic." This poem is about how a new mother can't put her newborn baby to sleep. She and her baby are both violently crying, desperately trying to figure what's wrong; the new mother is sitting on the dirt floor of a two-room house. In the middle of the night, Abuelita hears the noise of the baby and the mother sobbing, so she gets up out of her bed and grabs dried, red chile peppers. Abuelita goes into the mother and baby's room, and shakes the chile peppers in a repetitive, calming motion. In the end, that rattled put both the mother and the baby to sleep, which she calls her two children. Some pieces of imagery I got from the poem to represent in the picture were, - "Sits on the dirt floor of the two-room house,"- "The Abuelita wakes, shakes her head, finds a dried red chile, slowly shakes the wrinkled podso the seeds rattle,"- "ts . ss, ts . ss- The Abuelita- ts . ss, ts . ss- gray-haired shaman- ts . ss, ts . ss- cures her two children- ts . ss- with sleep,"Those pieces of text really helped me to understand the setting and the environment, the situation that's going on, and the sounds that were made to put the two to sleep.
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