Wonder Scene

Updated: 1/12/2021
Wonder Scene

Storyboard Description

Via's play

Storyboard Text

  • Red leather, Yellow leather, Red leather...
  • School Play!
  • We were all backstage, nervously running through our lines in our heads. I peeked through the curtain at the people taking their seats in the auditorium.
  • I saw Auggie walking down the aisle with Isabel and Nate. They took three seats in the fifth row, near the middle. Auggie was wearing a bow tie, looking around excitedly. He had grown up a bit since I'd last seen him, almost a year ago. His hair was shorter, and he was wearing some kind of hearing aid now. His face hadn't changed a bit.
  • "What, are you kidding!"
  • "Mr. Davenport, " I said, I'm sorry, but I can't go on tonight."
  • "David, go get Olivia!"
  • Via, looking stunned, took off her T-shirt and jeans and pulled the long dress over her head. I pulled it down for her, and then zipped up the back. Luckily, Emily Webb didn't go on until ten minutes into the play, so the girl handling hair and makeup had time to put Via's hair up in a twist and do a quick makeup job.
  • "Why are you doing this Miranda?"
  • I watched the rest of the play from the wings just offstage, next to Davenport. Justin was amazing, and Via, in that heartbreaking last scene, was awesome.
  • "Good, good, good..."
  • Look, we're going to have a late-night dinner to celebrate the show. Are you feeling up to joining us? We'd love to have you!"
  • "Oh, no..."
  • "Pleeease!"