De'Tasia Brewer period #4
Updated: 12/1/2020
De'Tasia Brewer period #4

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  • To think that there I was opening the door, little by little, and he not even dreamt of my secret deeds or thoughts
  • Who's there!
  • Once Poe decided he was gonna kill the old man he was really nice the whole week before he did it. "I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him" said Poe. He took precautions and was very careful. He would go to the old mans bedroom every night to see if the vulture eye was open. On the 8th night something very drastic happened.
  • muffled sounds
  • Poe went to the old man's room on the 8th night around midnight and opened the door very slow and steadily. Poe's thoughts caused him to chuckle which led to the old man awakening. He slightly opened the lantern but his finger slipped causing the old man to shoot up in bed.
  • One of the neighbors called them
  • The old man was terrified. Poe kept silent and stayed still. That went on for an hour until the old man shrieked, Poe knew it was a shriek of terror.
  • Poe knew what he had to do to keep from getting caught. He put the bed over the old man suffocating him. The screams that once came from the old man were now muffled sounds. Once he no longer heard muffled sounds meaning the old man was dead, he was satisfied.
  • One of the neighbors called the police after hearing noises, and soon they showed up. Poe had let them in convincing them that everything was fine. The police decided to stay for a bit, and Poe started getting paranoid. He started hearing ringing and as time went on it got louder.
  • He couldn't take it, he just wanted the police gone. Then he started hearing the old mans heart. He then ripped the floorboards up revealing the old man. "Here, he's right here" said Poe.
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