Unknown Story
Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Lets Celebrate !
  • After decades of fighting and having problems, de trojans and greeks got to an agreement of peace
  • What we are doing is not right, but I will come with you Paris because I love You !
  • While the trojans are in Greek, Paris, Hector's youngest brother falls in love with Helen that is Menelaus' wife
  • Come with me to Troy !
  • The trojans betrayed me.Let War begin !
  • When Meneleaus finds out Helen is missing and knows where she is, he gets very angry
  • You will die !
  • War starts Menelaus and Paris fight.Menelaus almost kills Paris
  • Hector defends Paris and Kills Menelaus
  • NOOO !
  • AHGGG !I will take revenge my brother for what they did to you !
  • Achilles kills Hector and Paris is mad and wants revenge.
  • Paris releases an arrow to Achilles heel and quicly dies because is achilles only vulnerable place.
  • AHHHGGG !!